Best Water Bottle Ever

a mug

I purchased this stainless steel water bottle in red from LL Bean as a Christmas gift for myself.  It seemed a little pricey at $25, but I have been looking for a spill proof bottle that can handle essential oils.  Stainless Steel is the better option as glass is breakable.  My husband bought 4 malt cups for just this use, but because they are not insulated they are extremely cold to hold when containing icy beverages, they have tons of condensation issues, and they are easily tipped and spilled by children.  Needless to say, my LL Bean cup is perfect!  It is indeed spill proof, can hold cold or hot beverages and maintain that temperature, fits into our vehicle cup holders, and is easy to handle with one hand.

I am not reaping any rewards from LL Bean, but just sharing this fantastic find.  But that’s not all!  I have a $10 off gift card that expires soon.  First come, first serve.  Enter this code:  2000120911881788393  PIN 8746  This card expires on February 11, 2015 and can only be used one time.  LL Bean offers free shipping on all purchases as well.

I also have a 20% off coupon.  These offers cannot be combined.  So, if you missed out on the above gift card, enter the promo code DJ 7303 8873 91  at checkout and receive 20% off your entire purchase.  There is no expiration on this, but it can also be used only once.

If you use either of the above, please comment to let the readers know that it was taken.  And, let me know how you like your water bottle!  Thanks for reading my blog.  Have a blessed new year!


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