Without Words

I do apologize for my great delay in posting anything new.  To be honest, I became a little discouraged when I had to remove several of my posts about Essential Oils.  The FDA has strict guidelines and sent this letter to Young Living and other sellers of E.O.’s.  Since my posts were my testimonials and not scientific studies approved by the FDA, I had to remove them.  The whole incident left a bitter taste in my mouth and knocked the wind out of my writing sails.  In addition, my health took some small steps backwards with a round of Laryngitis and I spent eleven days in bed at about 15% of normal functioning.

I am doing tons better now.  I do appreciate your continued prayers and please know that I am still praying for you as well.  I am continuing to teach classes on essential oils and I love learning, learning, learning as much as I can about them.  I am having to do a little more digging to site studies and to make sure that I am saying things the right way.  For instance, I can say that Frankincense supports hormone function; but I can not claim that it relieves the pain from ovarian cysts in fifteen to twenty minutes.  Pubmed is a great on-line database of medical studies in case you are interested in researching anything on your own.  The studies really make my head spin because I am definitely not a medical expert of any kind.  I just typed in Frankincense and cancer and had more information at my fingertips than I ever dreamed of.  The internet continues to amaze me.

On the home front, we have been chugging along with our school year.  We will finish the first quarter of our year this week, so it is looking like mid-January for our half-way point.  It is not exactly how I envisioned things would be, but we are making progress.  Accepting reality is a healthy thing to do and I am slowly learning how to make realistic goals instead of idealistic ones.  As far as blogging and goal setting go, I am making an effort to write at least one post each week.  Be sure to check in again soon!  Who knows, I may even blog about oils again with footnotes and references.  It could be like a mini college refresher course for me.  or not.


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