Day 1 Omaha or Bust

Yesterday we drove from Texas to Omaha, Nebraska (or New Braska if you ask Daniel).     We wanted to beat traffic, so we all got up at 6:30 and started to pile in the car.  It started pouring down rain as we were loading, so I shifted gears and dug out breakfast while we had garage shelter.  Neither Allison nor I had the desire to dig through the cooler while getting soaked to the bone.  This delayed our departure by 15 minutes but the trade off seemed well worth it.  Kisses to Patrick and waves good-bye and we were off!  Thirty minutes later my texting secretary (aka Allison) sent Patrick an update.


It normally takes 8 minutes from our driveway to the 820/I20 split.  And things weren’t looking any better up ahead.  The radio warned us of an overturned truck further north on I35 and the rain was just getting started.  We could have slept in and left at 9:00am and been in just as good of shape.  Hindsight is 20/20 though and the past cannot be changed, so as all good mothers would do I had the kids put on a movie.  At 7:45 am, a voice came from the back, “Are we in New Braska?”  Nope.  Not even out of Ft. Worth.  It was looking like a long day ahead, but the movie brought calm and made time move more quickly for those who were entranced by it.


i tried to get video of our theme song, but it appears that the younger three have no memory of the song and the middle three were too busy with electronic distractions to care, so it was a most pitiful rendition of “Me and My Gang.”   Here is a selfie that Allison took.  Joshua looks like he is on a roller coaster.  I was not going that fast!  No, really.


Oklahoma blessed us with sunshine not soon after crossing the Red River.  We stopped at quaint park in Guthrie for lunch and then it was nap time!  No tv’s, no iPads, just books and a quiet rest.  Not.  My overtired children fought the idea entirely until I bribed them with ice cream two hours later.  Just when the last head started bobbing, I was the one ready for a break.  We pushed through for another 40 minutes and stopped on the Kansas turnpike for ice cream at Hardee’s.  Then I let Allison have the wheel.  It took a few minutes to adjust as she is not used to driving the suburban at 75 mph with no rear view, but she did great and so did I once my Stresszyme took effect.


It took 13 hours and 6 minutes to reach our destination, but it was a good trip and we are happy to be in Omaha enjoying green grass, cooler temperatures and spending time with good friends–the kind where you just pick up where you left off the last time and wish that you never had to leave.  Here are some pics for your enjoyment.

We weren't playing the song he wanted to hear

We weren’t playing the song he wanted to hear

Ben loves the green grass without stickers or fire ants

Ben loves the green grass without stickers or fire ants


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