Something Other Than God

I wish I could take credit for the incredible title of this blog post, but it is actually a reference to Jennifer Fulwiler’s freshly released <a href="“>book Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness And Accidentally Found It. I haven’t read the book yet because I am not one of the privileged few who got a preview copy, but I did pre order the book last December and am scanning my mailbox daily awaiting its delivery.

Jen Fulwiler is a Catholic blogger who writes for the National Catholic Register but has been on hiatus since the birth of her last child. I strongly recommend reading her archived articles at NCR. In addition to NCR she continues to blog on her personal site at Conversion Diary. Jen is inspirational, down-to-earth and full of creative insights. She has even answered a few of my personal emails, so I feel like I could meet her for a cup of coffee the next time I’m in Austin; but, she is probably just being really polite. I promise I’m not a stalker, Jen. I pinky swear it.

Some of my other favorite reads in the blogosphere are Fr. Z, Simcha Fisher, and Camp Patton. Fr. Z keeps me posted on the current news as it relates to the Pope, the Catholic Church and me. He promotes frequent confession and the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (Latin Mass), and he is not shy about standing tall for the teachings of our Faith in the face of opposition.

Simcha Fisher, also a blogger for National Catholic Register and Patheos, is a witty, funny and snarky blogger that gives me food for thought and laughs for the journey. She also released a book recently that I think every married and engaged Catholic should read. It is called The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning. It is a very realistic look at Natural Family Planning and doesn’t hide the fact that to practice NFP is a form of carrying the cross. There are lots of benefits, but it ain’t all butterflies and rainbows. Living our faith out loud is not easy, but Simcha’s book gives us insight and inspiration with real and practical advice. And she’s funny too.

Camp Patton is really a diary of this young mother’s life with three toddlers and a newborn (Congratulations, Grace!). She shares her fashion favorites and funny quips and pics of her adorable children. When I first clicked her link I didn’t think I would read her blog again, but somehow I just get pulled in and come out feeling like I just chatted with a comrade in battle. Her little Julia reminds me of a couple of my own cutey-patooty girls. In addition Grace’s husband is a resident doctor and so her life reflects the life of my nephew and niece: also parents to three toddlers and a newborn, he is a resident doctor, and she is a SAHM. This is my just for fun, light reading enjoyment. I am in awe of how many posts she has done with a less-than-two-week old baby!

In addition to Fr. Z, Simcha and Grace, I also love to read Bad Catholic on Patheos. His reading takes quite a few brain cells and his posts are not as frequent as I would like, but when he does post he really hits the nail on the head and helps me to think about current events on a whole new level. Matt Walsh is also on my daily read feed. He can be offensive to some because he is often sarcastic and straight forward, but overall he really says what I often feel and I find myself cheering him on. Lastly, Heather at Momma Knows Honeychild makes me laugh out loud every time I read a post. I wish I could make people laugh like that. She just got a fancy shmancy new blog site and illustrates all of her posts with stick figure drawings that really help to round out her hilarious tales.

So, there you have a list of new books and blogs to read and check out; but, don’t leave me behind. I’m just getting my feet wet with this blogging expedition and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I hope you are too. I would love your feedback and input, and if you share my blog with friends and family that would be awesome too. Happy reading!


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