Easter Highs and Sugar Lows

Happy Easter!  He is risen, He is risen indeed!  I hope that you all had a blessed Holy Week and joyful Easter Sunday celebrations.  We had a busy weekend filled with family, candy, desserts, candy, and even swimming.  I am delayed in writing this blog because it has taken me all week to recover.  On Saturday, we drove to Dallas to visit family and had an early lunch that the kids didn’t eat because we had just had breakfast a couple of hours earlier.  So, with empty stomachs they dove head first into the bowls of M&M’s and chocolate kisses.  This was followed by an egg hunt and the devouring of candy in said eggs, followed by desserts, and sodas to wash it all down.  Normally, we have strict rules about eating our grow food and limiting sweets; but, it has always been our policy that at special events the kids have free reign over their tastebuds with gentle reminders that too much might cause tummy aches.  I think it is a good way of teaching them responsibility for their actions without giving away too much parental guidance and oversight.  They all had a good sugar high, and no one was harmed in the experiment.

Sophia woke up screaming around 3 am on Easter Sunday.  Patrick settled her down and when he crawled back into bed I reminded him that the Easter bunny had left the baskets in the top of her closet and forgot to put them out.  So, out he went again to do his Easter duty.  Mass was beautiful and beautifully crowded!   We had to split into three pews to even get seats, but Lauren was home so we had adult supervision for each group.  We came home and ate a wonderful and tasty balanced lunch with protein and vegetables and then headed off to my sister’s home for another egg hunt, cake, ice cream  and more soda.  My sister heated her pool and the kids got to go in for a short swim before a storm came through.  I wonder if my niece has regained her hearing yet?  She was the lucky one holding Sophia in the pool when it thundered.  Sophia and thunder do not mix.  Think of a cat with claws being dipped in water and add the head of a screaming banshee with beautiful blue eyes and short bobbed hair:  Sophia in a thunderstorm.

Sophia woke up Monday asking when we were doing the egg hunt.  She learned that Easter is 50 days in length and was ready to continue the celebrations.  Of course, we didn’t have any more celebrations, but everyone was excited to have dessert with dinner.  We typically only have dessert on Name Days (feast days of our patron saints) or on days of Solemnity.  It is not that we are so holy to observe those days, it was a way for me to cut back on the grocery budget and not be the bad guy for saying no to dessert all the time.  It has saved me money and the added bonus is that my kids really pay attention to the liturgical calendar, which has heightened all of our awareness of the beauty and traditions in the Catholic Church, forming a stronger connection to the Communion of the Saints.  In any case, Monday went fairly well and we took the day off of school to enjoy a few more moments with Lauren before she headed back to college.

Then came Tuesday.  Whoo Weee!  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what went wrong.  The older kids were constantly bickering about every. little. thing. and the younger kids were either screaming, yelling or screeching at the top of their lungs.  I woke up feeling like my blood had been replaced with cement.  On three different occasions I attempted to take a nap only to be woken up by the horrible, terrible, sassy aliens that had invaded my kids’ bodies.  Fifi took the kids to the park and I enjoyed my one hour of silence.  When Fifi left at 2pm, I sat outside with the kids hoping that the fresh air and exercise would bring peace and calm.  It did not.  I resorted to having the kids do 25 jumping jacks for each infraction.  After dinner I gave them to Dad.  He took them for a walk and had them doing sets of 100 jumping jacks.  They all slept well.  We have not seen signs of the alien invaders since.  I am pretty sure they were from the planet Sugar in the galaxy of Chocolate and Sodas.  So, you might be on the lookout in case they are looking for new bodies to occupy.


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