On Phones, Warranties, and Republic Wireless

I didn’t start out wanting to do a phone review, but after the experiences of the past  eleven days it would be an injustice not to share my experiences with you.   First, the back story.   Ever since we have had cell phones in our home, my husband has used Hawk Electronics and bought his own phones from ebay.  We didn’t have to have a contract and saved money by buying used iPhones vs. the latest version.  Because I am at home most of the time, I had no need for a data plan and we just used our wi-fi to use the apps and internet.  This worked really well for us until ATT forced Hawk out.  In October 2013 we were notified that my phone and my daughter’s iphone (hand-me down from Grandma) would be forced into data plans and our monthly phone bill would increase by over $100.  We had heard about Republic Wireless, and the new Moto X was due to be released in November.  Allison and I decided we would give it a try and break from the Apple products we had come to know and enjoy.

It did not disappoint.  The Moto X was simple to learn and use with the best benefit of unlimited talk, text and wi-fi data at $10 per month!  When I traveled up to Kansas City I upgraded to a data plan for the two weeks and switched my plan back upon my return.  My husband took out Square Trade warranties for $97 per phone as insurance policies since we did have to buy the phones for $299 each.  Overall, the average cost of the phone and usage was way less than the iPhone.  Another benefit came when we travelled to Mexico.  My husband’s iPhone  texting and data had to be blocked to avoid expensive international roaming fees.  My phone had full talk and text wherever WiFi was available.  I was able to Skype with my kids and communicate with friends back home, which came in handy when Icemaggedon hit and our flights were delayed.

Fast forward to Sunday, April 7, 2014.  My two-year old son lay on the bed next to me running fever and feeling more than a little puny.  The next thing I knew he was vomiting on my bed and in the chaos of cleaning it all up, caring for him and scrambling for towels and such, my phone got scooped up with the dirty linens.  The washers were both full and running, so I set the pile next to the machines.  My daughter would later report that she heard my phone ringing, but couldn’t find it.  By the time she reported it to me, my phone had been washed on the sanitize cycle.   It was dead.


We filed a claim with Square Trade and shipped it to them on Monday.  The following Monday we received an email that it was beyond repair and they were sending a check for $599.  So, the insurance was a big bonus!  It covered the cost of the insurance, the cost of the phone and the $75 deductible for the repair assessment.  Yes, it took a week to get the results, but we didn’t lose money along with the phone.  I ordered my new phone from Republic on Monday and today it came in the mail!  Two days later, fully loaded with my contacts, photos and text messages I have a phone.  No annoying iTunes, no limited cloud storage, no connecting with a computer.  I have a working phone and it took no brain power on my behalf to make it work.  Yay!

I’m not completely knocking Apple here.  I love my iPads and we use them daily for school, work and recreation; but as far as phones go and backup for said phone, the Moto X is hard to beat and Republic Wireless rocks the price.  Now, time to go set up a Square Trade warranty on this bad boy, just in case I make another goof-ball move.

You’re welcome.

I just went to purchase a warranty from Square Trade and they sent me a coupon to share with you! Coupon code: FRIENDSHARE. For a two-year warranty at $69. After you purchase the warranty, be sure to go into your account and enter the serial number and submit your receipt to complete the warranty contract.

And click this link for Republic Wireless. If you sign up, we each get $20! http://rwshar.es/O1nz


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