Go Fish

I’m baaaack. Well, actually I got back on Friday night. The early morning and tight schedule of the retreat proved too much for me and I just stayed for one night. I did get something from my mini retreat that I want to share with you: Let God be God. Simple, right? Not for me. I looove to be in control and for everything to be in its proper place. I have made lots of strides in this area, but obviously I still lack trust that God can handle everything. So, I’m working on setting aside those pride issues and He didn’t waste any time giving me ample opportunity for practice.

Sunday morning came and I was still dragging. Benjamin was running a fever, so I opted to stay home from Mass with him and we both slept and rested. Then he got sick in my bed. I had to take the duvet out of its cover and in the process of gathering up the soiled linens, bedding and tending to the sickly babe, I scooped up my phone and washed it along with the bedding. Now I can only access my voicemail, but cannot change the message or answer any texts. I cannot forward my phone number without a working phone and I really haven’t let anyone know about it except my mom and one friend. I do have a warranty on it, so in less than a week I should have my phone back in working condition and I can honestly say that I am not missing it all that much. I think I had the same bug as Benjamin because I didn’t feel all that well myself and my body refused to do much of anything until today. It is a clear signal that I’m fighting off something when walking across the room takes all of my energy.

Today was much better. I still needed a nap, but was able to run some errands and use some of my creative energy. The Little Saints Preschool program has so many fun ideas, so I decided to use one of their ideas to help the kids learn letters and sounds. We made cardstock fish and I wrote the upper and lower case letters on each fish. I attached a paperclip to the “mouth” of the fish and made a fishing pole out of a hanger and magnet. image The kids absolutely loved it. I was so excited, I brought Patrick out of his office to see it and he made the brilliant suggestion to staple the mouth with two staples so the paperclips wouldn’t fall off. The older kids came in and saw it and wanted to play too, so tonight I made a multiplication/division set for them; although I skipped cutting them into fish shapes. image

If you want to make a set for yourself, I do have a few pointers. I used the cardboard part of a pants hanger as the pole. The small magnets from the Magnetix ™ sets fit snuggly inside the cardboard and are a nice strong magnet. I had my son saw off a one-inch long piece and stuffed the magnet inside. I simply taped one end of a string to this piece and the other end to the remaining piece of cardboard. Two staples about ¼ inch apart on each “fish” make a great receptor without adding a lot of bulk.
Incidentally my neighbor’s high school son came by to borrow some index cards to make flash cards for a Biology test. I asked him if he wanted to borrow our stapler and fishing pole too. He actually smiled and hesitated for a minute before deciding he better just get to studying.


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