Where’s the Outrage?

A rare moment alone in the car yesterday gave way for me to listen to Talk Radio–a habit that my husband got me hooked on during the Clinton years when he always had the latest news and insight, and my News at 5pm left me wanting and wondering. Anyway, the topic yesterday on Rush Limbaugh covered the controversial lyrics of a Beyoncé song wherein she crudely describes a sexual encounter in her limo and uses the term “Monica Lewinskyed” in reference to such encounter. We can debate the appropriateness of the lyrics, but I choose to just avoid such music and other “art” forms that take a degrading path. I cannot, however, in good conscience walk away from the degradation of people–an individual person in this case: Ms. Monica Lewinsky.

Where is the outrage? Why is it okay to use her personal name as a verb in such a crude context? Where are the feminists, the civil rights leaders, the prolifers, and the politicians? Why is it that 16 years later Ms. Lewinsky is still drug through the mud, laughed at and mocked, while the perpetrator, the other person involved in the act that made her infamous is given millions of dollars in donations, invited to speak at galas and women’s rights events, and given prestige and honor? I for one am appalled. This is just wrong and unjust. Ms. Lewinsky was 22 at the time and Mr. Clinton, err President Clinton was 52–30 years her senior and President of the United States!! I’m just wondering why she has to wear the scarlet letter while Mr. Clinton suffers no lasting consequences and in fact seems to have only gained power and affluence. I’m just wondering why so-called feminists and our current President scream for gender equality while ignoring such blatant inequality.

We don’t need more laws and regulations that count how many women hold certain jobs and compare apples to oranges in the job market. We don’t need more regulation, talk and empty promises. We don’t need free contraception and access to abortion. We need respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Individual dignity. To be treated like the uniquely valuable beings that we are.

And, Beyoncé, if you feel like you need to write that crap, you live in a free country and are free to do so; but, allow me to suggest that you use the phrase “Bill Clintoned all over my dress” as it would be more accurately termed. In all honesty you could use your talents to lift the dignity of women instead of turning us into sexual objects to be used and discarded. We deserve better. You deserve better. And Ms. Lewinsky has suffered enough.


3 thoughts on “Where’s the Outrage?

  1. I’m counting myself happy I haven’t heard that song. WOW.
    And you are right.
    How no one ever held that man responsible is amazing to me. And that a talented young lady who clearly was not a virginal bride (I wasn’t either, but that is not my point) would degrade another woman – shameful.

  2. Sorry for the delay in response, Em. It’s been a rough few days for me. Anyway, yes, I did read Matt’s blog as well. He has some really great insight. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m glad to know that someone is out there 😉

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