Too Tired To Blog

My apologies if you have been waiting for a blog post! The truth be known I am just too tired to blog. Ever since we started back to school it has been non-stop activity on the home front and by the time dinner is over I’m lucky to string a complete thought together in my head. Speaking intelligently is an even loftier accomplishment. Writing a coherent blog post is actually a monumental task that is only occurring tonight because of a hot Epsom salt bath followed by clean sheets, soft pillows and a heating pad. In other words I got out of kitchen and kid duty because I pulled my back moving the two-year old to his own bed last night. This break from my regular duties left me just enough energy to peck out a post in a kid-free zone. Being kid free is critical to forming complete thoughts these days.

My other excuse is lack of inspiration. Every time I start a blog it just fizzles. But tonight I read Jen’s post over at Conversion Diary and scored a fifty (cause I was too tired to do the math) and it made me realize that my fatigue is my inspiration.

I often hear the expression “I don’t know how you do it!” I take it as a compliment because I say the same thing all the time out of admiration for others. At the Pro-life Banquet in Ft Worth last month I ran into some old friends. One had mistakenly understood that I would be hosting the “Lock In for Life” and was eager to volunteer to help me. I was immediately in shock because there is no way on God’s green earth that I am hosting anything that requires me to stay up past 11pm (which is two hours past my bedtime) or get less than my required 10 hours of sleep and so I just blurted out the truth. I felt horrible saying these words, but it was the truth and the mix up had to be made clear–my sanity depended on it. I went on to explain that since the birth of my last child I have suffered from severe adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and hormone imbalances that keep everyone on their toes at my house. I shared some of my more harrowing moments which I will not repeat here. My friends were shocked and said I sure put a good face on. Which brings me to my point: anyone can put on a good face for an hour or two. Just remember the next time you think someone is super mom or super woman, that she is a human just like you who has strengths and weaknesses. If she is doing something remarkable it isn’t all her own doing and you can be certain that God has his hand in it. So now you know how I do it. By the grace if God go I.


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