Truth. What is Truth?

“. . .the reason I came into the world, is to testify to the truth. Anyone committed to the truth hears my voice.” “Truth!” said Pilate. “What does that mean?” (John 18:37-38)

These words continually play out in my head. Truth, deception, half-truths, and outright lies are intermingled in everything we see, hear, taste, touch and feel. Even Pilate couldn’t recognize truth, or chose not to, when Truth Himself was standing right in front of him. So, why do I think that I can show truth to others, or even recognize it myself?

I was always a simple child. Everything was black and white, right or wrong. I never could lie, at least not well. One just had to look into my eyes and it would all come spilling out. So, it has always been difficult for me to discover that I have been deceived. News stories are the most difficult. When my husband’s cousin was recently killed in a tragic explosion in West, TX it was frustrating to watch the news report inaccurate facts, even the spelling of his name. It seemed to me that a big part of reporting would be reporting the truth and fact checking simple things like spelling of the names of men that had just given their lives trying to save others. So, here I am at 40-something years old and still feeling a bit naïve. It must be the illusioned perfectionist thing again.

I think that this confusion about truth in our society is really the working of the devil. Don’t think the devil is real? Think again. Devils are fallen angels. Angels are pure spirits with high intelligence, greater than humans even. They are not restricted by bodies or death. They were not affected by the Fall (as in the fall from grace when sin entered the world). And contrary to popular belief, humans never become angels. It is impossible because we are totally different creatures. Like a snake cannot become an eagle. Humans are animals and spirits (body and soul) and we are made in the image and likeness of God. We are affected by the Fall, but Christ came to save us by becoming human and dying to open the gates of Heaven. When we die we experience a particular judgment and if we have chosen God we will spend eternity with Him in heaven. At first only our spirits will be there, but after the final judgment our bodies will be reunited with our spirits. I know this to be true because God himself, Jesus Christ told us this truth. In fact God is Truth. Of course, I have over-simplified it for this blog post (and because my pea brain can only absorb so much of this truth). But, I think it is a truth that bears repeating in this confusing world of Reality TV (that is anything but real), urban legends in email and on Facebook, and news reports that are full of bias, inaccuracy and gossip. Contrary to a recent article entitled “Evidence Based Living” that claimed religion–any religion– to be solely based on belief without reason, the Catholic Church provides us with the Fullness of Truth, time-tested for over 2000 years, balancing faith and reason, and established by Jesus Christ himself. He is the way, the truth and the light. If you haven’t personally connected with Jesus lately, He is only a prayer a way! And for my fellow Catholics He is waiting for us in the Eucharist, to become one flesh with our own flesh. Our God is an awesome God!


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