Fun Finds for Home and Home School

My Monday grocery trip was a success today. For one I only had to go to two stores in 102 degree Texas heat and secondly I found two great items at Aldi for my preschooler and Kinders.

If you don’t have an Aldi in your town then you are missing out on saving some money. When they opened up here the kids and I did a price study and compared prices between Aldi and Walmart. I saved 33% over Walmart! Now that’s saying something. Anyway they carry very limited grocery items and most are private label and then they have an aisle of miscellaneous stuff. It can be anything really. It can be anything from plastic bins, kids toys or camping gear to hiking boots or plants. This week I found a sticker book for my two-year old. His favorite game is naming objects so this colorful book allows him to practice naming things, build his vocabulary and tune his fine motor skills by placing the sticker over its matching silhouette. Win!

My second great find? Nesting bowls! My husband is driven crazy by my compulsive tendency to buy toys that are in sets because inevitably a piece is lost or broken and the set is no longer good. I am slightly on the OCD side and I like things matched and organized. Nine kids have lessened this compulsion by the way. Anyway I found this:

Nesting bowl set from Aldi

Nesting bowl set from Aldi

I enjoy using Montessori techniques in our home school, so items like this fit the bill perfectly. And did you notice that it is in color order of the rainbow? What OCD personality doesn’t love that?!

It has measuring cups, a strainer and a colander plus a large bowl and a small bowl complete with measurements! All of the pieces are a sturdy plastic with handles that are great to grip with little hands. So, the littles can help in the kitchen or just entertain themselves by stacking and playing with the bowls. It was less than $10 and has been the hit toy of the day for all my young ones.

Ben is mixing cake for me!

Ben is mixing cake for me!

And no Aldi did not pay me for this post ;-). I just like to share good finds.


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