An Open Letter to My Daughters

My Knight and I

My Knight and I

To My Daughters:

Many years have passed since the days of chivalry—the days of handsome, brave, young knights of honor and pure, sweet, fair young maidens; But, in our hearts there still lies a yearning for the seemingly lost ideals of that time in history.

As you grow into young ladies in our present world, you have the power within you to bring back to life the sweetness and purity that is so desired. In doing so, you must expect no less than a chivalrous “knight” to take your hand. Of course, there is but one man who meets perfectly all expectations of love and honor—Our Lord, Jesus Christ. He longs for pure and sweet young ladies to dedicate their lives for His Kingdom’s sake! Alas, if He should not ask you to become His bride and you hear God’s call to marriage, then you must face the task of patiently waiting for your knight to show forth his bravery, integrity and honor that you so greatly deserve.

How do you recognize a knight in modern times? Surely, he won’t be wearing a suit of armor! No, my daughters, it will not be easy to recognize a knight in the 21st century. In fact, without God’s wisdom and guidance, it is impossible. Guard yourself well! There are enemies among us pretending to be knights—only waiting to steal your honor and rob you of your purity and sweetness. Below is written a guideline of characteristics that every knight will bear. Of course, no man other than Christ has ever met these perfectly, but they will be consistently found in a knight’s actions.

1. He will be a man of God. It will be in his heart and not out of coercion by his parents or friends, and most definitely, not by you. His first desire will be to please God.
2. He will be your friend first and foremost. Someone whom you can trust with your innermost desires, dreams and secrets—and you will be his friend in like manner.
3. He will open doors and pull out chairs for you, knowing full well of your strength and ability to do it for yourself; but, desiring to ease your burdens.
4. He will be honest in small matters, especially those times when he thinks no one is watching.
5. He will find your beauty captivating, but will practice self-control, putting your well being above his own desires.
6. He will provide for all occasions where he accompanies you, demonstrating his worthiness and dedication to providing for his future family.
7. He will expect from you encouragement, support, and demonstration of kindness and respect to all those you know and who know him—for one day you may carry his good name.
8. He will show great love and respect for all human life: from conception and birth to natural death.
9. Finally, he will not be perfect, but will be forthcoming in asking for forgiveness and open to resolving conflicts or indifferences.

Follow my advice, dear girls, and you will find the same happiness and joy as I have found in being your father’s wife.

All My Love,
Written by Jill Mach 2007

Our oldest with her Knight

Our oldest with her Knight


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